Here you will find a preview sample of the Geograph British Isles project's image archive readily downloadable in volumes each comprising around 50,000 images plus RDF formatted metadata. We will release more data later

Everything in the torrents -- images and metadata -- is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence, and the RDF file references the licence terms for each item in the volume. Please take care to respect these licences when re-using this data.

What's a torrent?

When you download a torrent, you are downloading chunks from all the other people currently downloading the same data. At the same time, you are uploading chunks to those people who need a chunk you have.

This means we can offer these large archives without incurring huge bandwidth bills.

Get yourself a BitTorrent client and join in!

Please continue to seed these torrents for as long as possible even after you have
finished downloading
- even a small amount of bandwidth can help.

If nobody is willing to help with long term seeding,
then offering this service is unsustainable. read why.

Update 2012: Well nobody was willing to help seed. So most of these torrents are now offline. If you would like a copy of the images, the best method is a Disk via snailmail, Contact Us.
Name/Info Hash Size Seeds Peers Completed
6.58 MB 0 1 91 706.68 MB 0
5.09 GB 0 0 57 298.48 GB 0
5.24 GB 0 0 42 224.56 GB 0
5.38 GB 0 0 38 209.59 GB 0
5.68 GB 0 0 39 219.65 GB 0
5.21 GB 0 0 35 192.71 GB 0
346.62 MB 0 0 29 10.86 GB 0
Space Used: 26.94 GB013311156.53 GB0 KB/sec

These torrents are huge! Ensure than downloading and seeding them will not put you over your Internet provider's bandwidth limits.

Geograph-Dev0.1 is a WMware based virtual machine setup as a pre-configured Development Enviroment - probably only of interest to potential developers, more on forum.

If you need any help or have questions about this service, contact us

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